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Silverfish or fishmoth are harmless pests but having them in your house is not so pleasant. Learning about these crawling insects is quite an asset if you want to get rid of them. Silverfish, also known as Lepisma Saccharina, is an insect from the order of Thysanura. It is slender, wingless and flat in shape. The quick moving insect has a characteristic tail that bears three bristles and its whole body is covered by silvery scales.

How do you identify a silverfish?

Silverfish are small insects measuring three quarters of an inch in length. Their body is relatively soft and flattened with an elongated oval shape. Their shiny scales make them visible from afar. They have two slender antennae and two microscopic eyes that you will hardly see with your naked eyes. To complete their streamlined body is a tail with three long appendages, which they wag as they get out of your way when they see you.

Their lifespan

Unlike other pests that are known to man, silverfish holds the crown for being the oldest genetic insect on Earth. These pests can live for three years, surviving on scanty nutrients. They are able to live long because of their ability to shed their exoskeleton throughout their life.

Where to find them

Silverfish can live in different environments. However, they thrive well in damp and dark areas of the house. They prefer living in places with temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees. Fishmoth tend to migrate to areas that have plenty of food which include glue, cereal, starchy products and flour. They are not known to cause any harm to people’s health since they feed on paper, cloth, wools and dead insects. Therefore, you will find them inhabiting boxes holding either of the aforementioned things. In addition, they love to hide in crevices in the house including window openings, cabinet corners and beneath the floorboards. They move quickly and are particularly nocturnal.

Why you should remove them

Although they are not a health risk to you, getting rid of them is necessary. If left unchecked, they will gradually destroy that beautiful wallpaper in your sitting room or your books. In addition, they can damage wooden items and in particular, those that are joined with glue. Moreover, they leave holes and yellow stains after feeding on protein, glue and carbohydrates. This will make your draperies, clothes, furniture or anything that they land on to lose its original look.

The Solution

If you want to remove silverfish from your household, it is easy and cheap. All you need to do is target them right. Now that you know where they live and their feeding habits, you can effortlessly get rid of these pests. You should apply an indoor insecticide such as ADVANTAGE 1000 in the areas that they inhabit. These will include cracks, crevices in the closets, baseboards and attics. Of most importance, ensure that you apply the insecticide as per the instruction’s label on the product..